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La Malmaison

The exclusivity and excellence of a timeless place

The name of the house preferred by Napoleon Bonaparte, La Malmaison, a country house not far from Paris, where the Emperor loved to escape after fighting. But in Milan, this is a exclusive restaurant, its glorious past still preserves all the charm and the atmosphere, which are served every evening in the room with elegance and the most prestigious foods. Delicacies and gifts from the sea, above all, to enjoy candlelight in a romantic and refined atmosphere.


Looks like a luxury treasure trove, La Malmaison, which opens unexpectedly in a secluded and quiet corner of a Milan. A haven of high class marked by impeccable and discreet service, which becomes a romantic intimate and memorable evening for couple..
Perfect for a special occasion to share with the loved ones, to remember an anniversary, a special birthday or to ask the hand of his beloved. An evening to enjoy in complete privacy for those who want to enjoy the luxury of tasting, prestigious and delicious dishes, the best Italian transalpine nectar champagne as well as perfect combination of caviar and blinis.
A kitchen specialized in excellent products that leaves no room for elaborate dishes, but surprisingly the highest level of raw materials,which remain unchanged.
While the background music, the bohemians notes of a romantic typical Parisian atmosphere, accompanies the visitor on a journey back in time, slipping discreetly in hidden rooms, different style and tone, barely illuminated by the soft light of candles.


Four private rooms of luxury, adorned with fine brocades, Chinese vases, gilded furniture of the late eighteenth century, silver candelabra, fine carpets and antique furniture, with the addition of the spacious living room overlooking the garden. Romantic, warm and cozy environments, framed by floral tapestries of Thirties and Forties, contemporary canvases of Aldo Rota, tireless traveler who dressed like the hand of local halls, all have realized the unique atmosphere. Here, then, the restaurant is transformed into a world full of memories of travel, passion, life experiences and love of beauty. Where to be seduced by the pleasures and be won over by the friendliness of David Lacerenza, the landlord, is always happy to charm his guests and accompany them on a journey of discovery of surprising flavors and fragrances.


La Malmaison opens at noon on demand and is exclusive to a few people for a special event. But the intimate ambience and fine cuisine make it the perfect place for business lunches class, impeccable service and a complicit silent and luxury space. The best chance to sip a fine brandy accompanied by a Cuban cigar in the den-outbuildings, relax on elegant chairs and sofas, where you can hold without a limit of time.


These are just some of the specialties meticulously researched and selected for our customers:

  • Almas Beluga caviar : the rarest, unique, precious as a diamond.
  • Iranian Caviar : the first choice of caviar, produced by the rare Beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea.
  • Plateau: the seafood from all the oceans of the world.
  • Claws King Crab: Alaskan king crab claws, reddish and pink flesh and delicate
  • Cicala magnosa: a crustacean "giants" of the Mediterranean, delicious flesh.
  • Kobe: a breed of cattle called black cape originated in Japan, raised on grains and hops and constantly massaged.
  • Black Cod: delicious fish that lives in the sea of Alaska, prized for its buttery and milky white meat.
  • Lobsters: lobsters from Mediterranean seas and far seas.

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